Club Building

Custom Club Building

At Scratch Golf we will work with you to build the write club for your game. From driver to putter we have the right head, shaft and grips for you. With over 300 shafts our professional club builder and fitter will analysis your swing to fit the shaft to you.

Club Analysis

During a club analysis our Master Fitters will analyze your current clubs to determine whether they were built correctly and to spec. We will check the lie, loft, length and frequency of each club and chart your data. From this data, our Fitter will easily be able to show you why you may like certain clubs in your bag more than others.

Club Building

The build of a club is as important as the club fitting. Every golfer deserves a “Tour Build” meaning that every club is built exactly to the fitting’s specs. Many fitters will, unfortunately, simply order your clubs from major manufacturers after a fitting; they won’t take the time to check and verify the clubs are to spec. Why? Because they don’t even have the tools to double check the workmanship. That way it’s the customer who has paid for the club fitting, who loses out.

Touring pros have all their clubs’ tour built. You deserve the same attention to your specs and to the detail of every club. Every club is perfectly built to the Master Fitter’s specs. Each clubhead is adjusted for lie, loft, face angle and weight during the build. Every clubhead, shaft, and grip is weight sorted. Every shaft is spine aligned and frequency matched to a +/- 1 cpm tolerance.

Once you play with custom fit and built clubs, you’ll discover their value. You won’t be constantly changing shafts or buying new clubs to make your clubs work for you. You’ll get years of play from clubs designed and built for you.