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Even the most elite golfers want to improve their games. To do so they need a set of clubs that is fit to them. Playing with misfit equipment undermines the best golfers. Today, most golfers don’t have properly fit clubs — they could be playing to their best physical potential yet are leaving opportunities to improve and lower their handicaps on the course because of their equipment.

Try to imagine golf clubs in terms of clothing. If you buy tailored clothes instead of something off the rack the clothes are made to fir your measurements. Similarly, fit golf clubs are made custom to your measurements; they are designed to play up your strengths and compensate for the areas you’re working on improving.



From drivers to putters, each club in your bag should strengthen your skills while compensating for your tendencies. Off-the-rack clubs require a golfer to adapt their swing to adjust for the clubs. Custom fitting works the other way around. We identify your swing characteristics and build a perfect set of personalized clubs which maximizes your performance.

Improperly fit clubs can negatively affect your golf mechanics and even cause injury. Some of these issues may not arise until you hit the back nine as fatigue sets in. Custom fitting corrects these shortcomings in your clubs, ensuring a set can support your game through the entire round by matching your physical attributes, swing patterns, and personal style of play.

At Scratch Golf Shop, each custom fitting starts with a short question and answer session between you and our fitter. We need to understand your needs, doubts, and hopes for your game. Once we do, we can design a set of clubs that meets your objectives.

After the interview, we start the fitting by analyzing your performance with your current clubs. For woods, drivers, and irons, we will look at your swing using TrackMan to quantify specific aspects of ball flight or club delivery for further analysis. We use TrackMan, the same system used by the PGA, LPGA, and the NCAA, for every fitting. With TrackMan 4 our fitters can dial into your spin numbers with your driver, landing angles with your irons, and the overall height at the apex of the ball's flight.

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