Fitting Process and Pricing

Work with our Milwaukee, WI very own top 100 club fitters to analyze the best club head, shaft, and grip for your golf game.

Scratch Golf Fitting Theory

Fitting golf clubs takes time and patience. There are many companies that offer a full bag fitting. We do as well but not in one 3 ½ hour session. At Scratch Golf Center, we take a multi-step approach to fitting. We group our fitting into categories. These categories include: Driver & Fairway Metals | Irons & Hybrids | Wedges & Putter. Scratch Golf Shop is philosophically opposed to the full bag, at once, fitting scenario. Too many swings produce a tired golfer which in turn produces too many bad swings. Keeping the golfer’s mind and body fresh creates more optimal outcomes. The data can then be analyzed and optimized to pick the correct equipment that fits the golfer’s fitting objectives. Each category can be individual fitted or a golfer can purchase a full bag fitting which will be scheduled in three segments.

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Equipment Assessment

Break down and analyze your clubs. Let our Master Club Builder / Fitter make sure your clubs are built properly.

Bring your current bag of clubs. One of our Master Fitters will analyze them to assess whether your clubs were built correctly. We will check the lie, loft, length and frequency of each club and chart your data. From this data, your Fitter will easily be able to show you why you may favor certain clubs in your bag and why you avoid others.

Price: $75.00
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Full Bag Fitting

Done in 3 fitting Sessions. Broken down into:
Driver & Fairway | Hybrid & Irons | Wedges & Putters

This fitting is for the golfer that wants to take their game to the next level. Making the switch to putting the right clubs in their bag for their style of play.

Price: $325.00
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Long Game Fitting

Driver & Fairways

This fitting is for the golfer looking to dial in on their long game. Work with our Master Fitter to build the correct head, shaft and grip for all your long game clubs.

Price: $100.00
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Mid Game Fitting

Irons & Hybrid

This fitting is for the golfer looking to dial in on their mid and short game. Work with our Master Fitter to find the correct heads and shafts that fit your swing.

Price: $150.00
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Short Game Fitting


This fitting is for the golfer looking to improve their short game. Get fit for the right wedges for closer chips and better green play.

Price: $80.00
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Putter Fitting

Customize your putter

This fitting is for the golfer looking to improve their greens play. Find what the right style of putter is for you. Customize your full putter from the head to grip fit your putter to your game.

Price: $80.00
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Ball Fitting

The Right Golf Ball

This fitting is for the golfer looking for the right golf ball. Work with our Master Club Fitter to find the ball that fits your game. From spin, ball flight and more not all balls are built the same.

Price: $65.00
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Scratch Golf Fitting Process

1. A golfer takes a group of swings with their existing club. After, each swing will be optimized into a group of the best swing available.
2. From this data, we will explain the golfer’s swing characteristics and how they interact with impact, flight and landing outcomes.
3. These outcomes will be discussed, and the golfer will be educated on how near or far their current equipment fits them. Our Master Fitters will provide them the best outcome based on their fitting objectives.
4. Once the optimal data sets are identified, we use our understanding of mass properties of any given head with our proprietary shaft analysis system to combine the club and shaft that will best meet the data requirements.

This system of fitting does not require thousands of combinations to get to the most optimal club needed by the golfer. This systematic and knowledge-based approach will give any level of golfer the confidence and understanding that they have the right tools for the job. Giving them what's needed to play golf as well as their skill level will allow.